Christian Long

Jane Chen: A Warm Embrace That Saves Lives

In TED Talks on April 10, 2010 at 9:30 pm

Reflection by KATIE R.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Jane Chen: A Warm Embrace That Saves Lives

Jane Chen responded very well to this everday problem that our world has. Many people do not realize the danger of a premature baby’s life. In her research, Jane explained that premature babies need to maintain a constant body temperature for their internal organs to develop fully. As mentioned in the video, many parents resort to keeping their babies warm by placing them under the light given off from everyday light bulbs. However, they don’t understand the risks. They resort to this because they just don’t have the money to give their babies the proper care. As a result, hundreds of premature babies die every year. But, Jane Chen was dedicated to her work and came up with a simple solution to save millions of lives.

I was very inspired by Jane’s story about the woman that she met in India. Savitha, the woman that Jane met, had given birth to a premature baby named Ronny. Concerned for the health of her child, Savitha took Ronny to the nearest clinic in her village. The doctor told her that she needed to take Ronny to the nearest city hospital, so that he could be placed into an incubator. Sadly, Savitha had no way of getting to the hospital, and tragically, Ronny passed away. This story is was fueled Jane into saving the lives of millions of children. She didn’t want the parents of these children to lose their most precious possessions. What Jane came up with truly made me believe that families could save the lives of their children.

Jane and her team came up with a simple solution.

They made a protective, sleeping bag like pouch that a mother could place around her premature baby. Inside is a pouch of wax, which allows the pouch to maintain a constant temperature, so that the baby stays warm for up to 6 hours. Most importantly, the living conditions of third world countries do not have much or any of the technological advancements that we enjoy. Simple things like electricity , and access to proper health facilities. So, in developing her product, Jane had to take into consideration where her product was going to be used. By constructing a simple and portable baby wrap that could be used without the need for electricity, like an incubator, she is allowing premature babies to have a fighting chance. Jane said that they plan to launch their product in India this year, 2010, so that the lives of the babies are saved. The price will be 25 dollars, which is WAY LOWER than the cost of a traditional incubator. If this product saves millions of lives, I truly believe that Jane and her team will feel very proud of themselves. It made me realize that if the people of this earth came together to understand what the problems are, and focus their energy into creating helpful products that can work in less than desirable conditions, we will be lending a helping hand to growing nations.


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