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Andy Hobsbawm: Do the Green Thing

In TED Talks on April 11, 2010 at 11:13 pm

Reflection by MUHUMMED B.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Andy Hobsbawm:  Do the Green Thing

As the founder of the Do the Green Thing website, Andy Hobsbawn inspires people to live greener lives.

He does so by using 7 creative ways/slogans to help reduce CO2 production:

  • Human Heat
  • Plug Out
  • Easy On The Meat
  • Stay Grounded
  • All-Consuming
  • Stick With What You Got
  • Walk The Walk.

“Creativity is the meme-maker that puts slogans on our t-shirts and phrases on our lips.”

Walk The Walk? Plug Out? Human Heat?…

How are these slogans used to “Do the green thing”?

Each of the 7 slogans from the Green Thing website uses a creative video which explains how to “Do the green thing”!

In his Ted Talk filmed in Feb. 2008, Hobsbawn introduces the video which represents the slogan Walk The Walk.

The video titled, “The Story of Gusty and Ford,” uses street signs in a creative manor which tells the story of man, Gusty, who decides to walk instead of drive one day. And on that day of which Gusty decided to walk, he caught glimpse of the woman whom had broken his heart ten years before. As the story progresses Ford, the woman whom had broken Gusty’s heart, and Gusty rekindle their love for each other and grow to be old together.

Why is that important? and how is that going green?

Growing old together is what couples dream to do with their significant other and living long healthy lives is hard to do with the increasing production of CO2 in the air. Ways of reducing CO2 productions is to walk more and drive less, which is what Gusty did one day. And on that day he decided to walk his life was forever changed because he saw the love of his life and he reduced CO2.

In another Green Thing video representing the slogan, Stay Grounded, board representatives from various parts of the world use web-cams to have a meeting instead of flying to reduce CO2 distribution directly into the atmosphere.

Andy Hobsbawm and others at Green Thing, and other green activists use web videos, Ted Talks, conferences, and speeches etc… to promote the movement of going green. There are many organizations that help people reduce there carbon footprint and encourage them to also go green.

It has only been a little over a week since I’ve watched Andy Hobsbawm’s Ted Talk, and I can say personally that Ive been inspired to Do the Green Thing.

I’ve used my Human Heat instead of using the Heaters or A/C and my family as well has done more walking than driving! We’ve been Easy On The Meat and switched to more greener healthier plates. Also we’ve saved up old socks and gloves, and gave them new partners instead of throwing them away!


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