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Daniel Kraft: Invents a Better Way to Harvest Bone Marrow

In TED Talks on April 11, 2010 at 11:40 pm

Reflection by GAGE L.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Daniel Kraft:  Invents a Better Way to Harvest Bone Marrow

Daniel Kraft’s invention of the bone-minor could absolutly impact the bone marrow tranfussion proccess.

While when getting bone marrow taken out of your body may be very uncomfortable and extremely painful, the bone-minor can limit the discomfort and pain. Not only will it do this but also it is able to harvest more useful and overall more stemcells. If given the ok and supported by the Stanford medical staff, I believe that Daniel Kraft could help many people who have cancer survive and become closer to curring cancer.

While speaking, Daniel really comes off strong in shwoing exactly what his invention does and why it is better then the original way of harvesting the bone marrow. Daniel also gives you that feeling of comfirtability, he showed that all his invention was doing was bettering the proccess of harvesting the marrow and lessening the pain for the patient.

While watching the video my opinion of the proccess of bone marrow harvesting completely changed. I thought that, yes, harvesting the bone marrow from a patient maybe painful but this is the only way to get good results and a sufficient amout of the bone marrow. After watching the video I realized that not only was the way that we have been doing this for the past twenty years, not the only way, but it wasn’t even the best or most sufficient. This just shows that anything that we do in the medical field could be changed or fixed at any moment if someone just put time and effort into it. This makes my vision of the future bright and makes me think that our progress on finding a cure increases everyday.

When watching this video every cancer patient should feel a little bit of remorse knowing that this maybe the invention that helps them survive. Although the invention will not cure cancer, Daniel is one of the many people who is just inching our knowledge a little bit further. With inventions and ideas such as the bone-minor, the cancer industry is looking strong in finding a cure for cancer. Hopefully in the the near future doctors from around the world can merge their thoughts and ideas into something phenominal and create something that revolutionizes the industry.


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