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Eddi Reader: Sings “What You Do With What You’ve Got”

In TED Talks on April 11, 2010 at 9:43 pm

Reflection by CALVIN G.

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Eddi Reade:  Sings “What You Do With What You’ve Got”

Beyond the outstanding vocals and the beautiful sounding instruments there is a deeper message in this song.

This message is given through comparisons of certain things throughout the song. What I perceived the message to be was that you should use all your gifts to the best of your abilities and have a positive attitude. It’s about staying humble and helping other people.

“Cause it’s not just what you’re born with it’s what you choose to bear it’s not how much your share is but it’s how much you can share and it’s not the fights you’ve dreamed of but those you really fought It’s not just what you’re given it’s what you do with what you’ve got.”

This song also compares being on top with constant suffering. How the people who have to deal with a lot of hardship and do it with a good attitude are in fact higher than the people blessed with power who are using their gifts for the wrong reasons.

“Now between those who use their neighbor and those who use a cane between those in constant power and those in constant pain between those who run to evil And those who cannot run tell me which ones are the cripples And which ones touch the sun.”

In the final chorus the message is what a waste it is for someone who is blessed with gifts that many people would love to have to be a coward, pessimistic, antagonist and negligent.

“For what’s the use of two strong legs if you only run away and what good is the finest voice with nothing good to say and what good is strength and muscle if you only push and shove what’s the use in two good ears If you can’t hear those you love.”

This song has a very strong Christian message but gives a strong life message. The message of don’t waste any of your gifts. Do everything to your best ability. That message can be applied to everyone’s life. This song has a great sound to it and is good to listen to but more importantly it has a great meaning to it.

I recommend people take a look at this video it was great to watch!


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