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Ian Goldin: Navigating Our Global Future

In TED Talks on April 11, 2010 at 7:57 pm

Reflection by AMBER W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Ian Goldin:  Navigating Our Global Future

Ian Goldin is a well-spoken individual who offers good although introductory thoughts in his TED talk, Navigating Our Global Future.

Touching on global points such as advancements in technology, medicine and genetic research Goldin brings up topics that many viewers have already considered to be in constant change to bring about future innovation. Yet, all Goldin does is reiterates those topics barely expanding arguments or going in depth on some ideas but still opening up minds to think about globalization.

“This could be our best century ever because of the achievements. Or it could be our worst. And of course we need to worry about the individuals.Particularly the individuals that feel that they’ve been left out, in one way or another.”

A bigger topic intertwined in Goldin’s talk is the population and the accessibility individuals will have in the future. With rapid technological advances in continuous effect what does the future hold for those who are unable to receive the benefits of this technology and life-saving medicine? This question can be connected to his thoughts on the Special Olympics. When disabled are all in need of the same thing, who will be the ones able to obtain these life-changing medicines? Everyone should have equal right to these medicines but of course that is not how society today works. Is this our best or worst century of achievements? Or are we too technologically ahead for our time?

Goldin himself says our mobile phones are more powerful than the total Apollo space engine. In a world with so much potential and seemingly wonderful advancements in fields on every end of the spectrum, is it too much to handle? As individuals, people need to come together and plan for the future. This is one of the bigger problems because as time goes on, people put more focus on themselves and less on global issues. Yet, What really can help today’s society come together and solve these global issues?

Simply put in Goldin’s words,

“The rest of our lives will be in the future. We need to prepare for it now.”


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