Christian Long

Peter Reinhart: Bread

In TED Talks on April 11, 2010 at 11:04 pm

Reflection by WEI-CHEN L.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Before I saw this video, I didn’t really know how the bread is made by the bakers. I thought baker was a easy job that do not need much of the technology and can just make the bread easily. This video changed my thoughts on baker and the bread.

Baker is the job using technique to finding the taste that customer would like and creating the new flavor; baker bakes the bread dough which came from wheat or white flour which have sugar in it. The 12 steps of baking bread were very complicated for the people that don’t really know how to bake, like me; but for the baker was how they going through the 12 steps to make the bread taste good. A baker would also need to know what is good for the bread to taste good. The baking machine is there, it’s how to use it and make good bread; a good baker knew that every time when he/she baked. Everyone taste bread differently, and that is why baker always busy to discover new taste.

A bread can be healthy for people, but it might has bad taste; the people like the good taste bread mostly. Bread was not a bread before it was baked, it was plant grown by farmer. The yeast was also an important part to make the bread taste good, it’s like making beer. Baker need all the information to know the bread dough before it was baked. When it was baked, controlling the temperature will also be important to take out the best taste from the yeast as it ate the sugar in wheat.As the flavor rules over the people’s mouth, it can be a challenge the person to open the mouth again.

Every part of making a bread are important, and last thing for baker to know is the fact that enjoying eating the bread.


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