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Richard St. John: Success is a Continuous Journey

In TED Talks on April 11, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Reflection by EDWARD C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Richard St. John:  Success is a Continuous Journey

How to be successful? And how to maintain it? Many have jumped down these rabbit wholes only to be lost in Wonderland. So why is this? Is it because we are so blinded by money, power, and other desires that we aren’t able to even remember what we considered success in the first place?

Richard St John reached the top but because of the distraction of money, power, and the belief that improving oneself is of no value anymore he lost everything. So what are we to learn from this? Richard admits that his dedication was minimized and his desire to work lost. Such qualities make one fail, and because he was the owner, his lack of taking charge brought the whole company down. Fortunately he, through much dedication, was able to reach the top again but this time with more experience and knowledge helping him make his company better than ever.

But is dedication enough to make someone successful?

Richard States that there are 8 different qualities that one must have to achieve success. These qualities include passion, work, focus, push, ideas, improve, serve, and persist. Once one of these 8 qualities is lost much damage could happen to your chances of success. But what if you have all 8 of these qualities yet you can still barely afford the food to put on the table to feed your family? Sure life’s not fair but shouldn’t someone who strictly follows all 8 qualities at the very least be able to have the money to obtain some food? How is it that someone who works 2-3 jobs barely affords rent while someone who works one job gets to leave work early and live in a pent house? Such scenarios make me believe there is a 9th quality, one that can’t be obtained through hard work and dedication but through luck.

I’m not recommending anyone to stay home and hope that a million dollar check comes floating down your chimney; all I’m saying is sometimes the 8 qualities just don’t cut it.

Earlier this weekend I watched a movie titled “The Blind Side.”

The movie about how a guy, Michael Oher, escaped a life of drugs, prostitution and other horrible things to become a millionaire football player. After watching that movie I thought about how lucky he was. 1st of all, he was helped out and adopted by the Touhy family who brought him into the school that trained him to become an athlete. 2nd off all he was gifted by being 6 feet 5 inches tall. I kept on asking myself what if he wasn’t 6 feet 5 inches and 309 pounds. Where would he be now? What if he was 5 feet 4 inches but still just as dedicated in the sport? Would he have still made it to the NFL?

Its situations like this that make me believe that though the 8 qualities are absolutely necessary for even a chance of success a 9th one, luck, is needed. And once success is obtained through the 9 qualities it’s the same 9 qualities that keep success alive.


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