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Sirena Huang: Dazzles on Violin

In TED Talks on April 11, 2010 at 11:08 pm

Reflection by BRITTANY M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Sirena Huang:  Dazzles on Violin

Sirena Huang is an amazingly gifted young girl who possesses musical gifts which seem should be beyond her capabilities.

Although I am not as passionate for classical as I am other musical stylings, I still enjoyed hearing and seeing the young girl display her ability while greatly enjoying herself. She is an extremely talented girl and you can’t help but find oneself becoming wrapped up in her notes.

She carries you through another world with her violin, telling her own story.

Huang is a girl of only eleven years out of Connecticut. She easily tells her age through her speaking skills and shows her personality when speaking. She is a charming girl and easily persuades the crowd with her humor and talent when engaging them in stories. She shows no sign of holding back and seems completely comfortable on stage. She is very energetic and talkative never leaving a moment to be left without being at awe with her talent or laughing at her energetic stories and explanations she gives in between playing songs.

Sirena is just as bright as she is charming. She goes into detail of the violin and breaks down the structure or the instrument as well as its uniqueness. She realizes she has been blessed with a gift but also that it would not be possible to do the things she does and go to the places she’s been without the care and help of many adults. She stands as a representative of many young children out there with gifts beyond comprehension and takes the time to thank the people who make their dreams possible. She is an appreciative girl with a bright look on life and everything it has to offer. She makes you feel a sense of peace with her music and appreciative for your days given when she speaks.

TED made an excellent decision in choosing a child to come aboard their campaign in helping spread ideas to the world. By using Sirena they help display what the human mind is capable of at any age as well as how a little faith in a child can accomplish great goals.


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