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Al Gore: Averting a Climate Crisis

In TED Talks on April 12, 2010 at 9:22 am

Reflection by MILES W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Al Gore:  Averting a Climate Crisis

There are many people that see global warming as something with no backing whatsoever and may also see Al Gore as a fraud who, after losing to George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election, just wants to make money and keep his name in the spotlight. Also, there are others that see global warming as a true problem facing our planet that may destroy it before we have a chance to get off of it who and also see Al Gore as a revolutionary humanitarian who has taken many steps to provide the world with the knowledge that our planet could quickly cease to exist but the fact that we can take steps to prevent this disastrous occurrence.

My opinion on this does not matter, and frankly, neither does yours.

This is not a blatant shot at your ideals but if you remove your opinion from what you are looking at, you will be able to see, with greater insight, what makes the video special. In this video particularly an opinion takes away from the effectiveness of which Mr. Gore was able to deliver ways to avert a climate crisis.

As someone who has not really been able to comprehend ways to help sustain the earth, and before this video, I really thought all of the ideas and ways to save the earth that groups like ‘green clubs’ were crazy. I never thought that I was going to be presented with any ideas to save the earth that I understand, relate to, and be able to carry out on my own.

To make all things go, you must have energy.

In a society full of technology, there is a greater need for energy and all of these things that don’t run on “green” fuels have emissions. Many people say that you should stop using many forms of technology that hurt the environment, but it is virtually impossible to do so. Not living in a major city, it is basically impossible to use a mode of transportation other than an automobile, especially without a system of public transportation. With this usually being the focus of most ‘green’ talks, they lose me right there and it’s back to my normal lifestyle without the slightest memory of the talk in my brain.

But unlike other speakers, Mr. Gore did not overly focus on transportation unlike many others.

He began to speak of ways that people who do not have the ability to give up their automobiles and other means of transportation can help the environment and help keep our planet around for a longer time. He spoke of insulating your home to reduce your use of air conditioning, buying energy efficient appliances, and many other solutions to off-set the carbon-emissions that we release as human beings. One interesting way he really brought this talk into the TED conference he was speaking at was through his saying that you can “integrate climate solutions into all of your innovations whether you are from the technology, or entertainment, or design…” (TED) …community”

This talk truly opened my eyes to the world of saving the world. As he said, this is a bipartisan issue that should be handled by everybody no matter what your beliefs. He delivered this talk in a very effective manner that will keep me interested in this movement and maybe join one of those ‘crazy’ green clubs too.

After the conclusion of the video, there was an ad by IBM that showed how in Sweden, IBM helped develop a system that charges cars entering the city in a hope to reduce carbon emissions and reduce traffic jams. Cars’ license plates are captured when they enter the city through the use of traffic cameras and are taxed later.

It seems that people like Al Gore’s words have moved across the world to others and something is being done about the great problem that faces our planet.


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