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Carmen Agra Deedy: Spins Stories of Mama

In TED Talks on April 12, 2010 at 9:18 am

Reflection by PARYSE W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Carmen Agra Deedy:  Spins Stories of Mama

Carmen Agra Deedy is a storyteller and a childrens book author. She is a very inspirational lady and a very good story teller.

When I first started to watch the video I was not very interested, but when she started telling stories about her mom I payed attention.

Her mother seems like a very funny person who has a lot of personality. Throughout the video she talks about her mothers driving, she got her license revoked because she had no clue how to drive, but one day when Carmen went to her parents house her mother was holding a license. Carmen seemed shocked to see that the state actually gave her mother a license. Once they got on the road she was speeding and going through all the lanes, but when they got to the shopping area she could not find a spot. The mother told Carmen to go stand in a spot 5 rows down, but she wouldnt so the mother got out of the car and went and stood in it. A car tried to take it but she was pushing it away.

This women was obviously strong and was always going to get her way.

Whenever Carmen speaks to a crowd, she really knows how to get your attention.

She moves around a lot, uses her hands for gestures, and raises her voice. A good speaker really has to make movement and be exaggerent towards the stories they tell so they get your attention. Carmen is a very humorous lady, I can tell from just watching this video. She really kept me interested in the video by being interactive, funny, and by speaking up. Her accent is also a great thing about her speaking because it makes words sound more interesting.

Watching this video showed me some ways to help me when I have to tell a story out loud or even figuring out how to write a story:

I must call my mother!


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