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Charles Fleischer: All Things are Moleeds

In TED Talks on April 12, 2010 at 6:29 am

Reflection by RYAN S.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Charles Fleischer:  All Things are Moleeds

Thirteen minutes, thirty eight seconds.

Using a stop watch and periodically measuring time for each joke, I counted thirteen minutes, thirty eight seconds for the total amount of time, that was spent telling jokes.

Yet despite this fact, the quality and sheer brilliance I have come to love and respect Ted for was still in this video, it just was shortened by the humor. I feel as if I went to an ice cream store, and received a chocolate pie. There’s nothing wrong with chocolate pie and I often times enjoy it even more than ice cream, but I came into the store expecting ice cream, and so I was disappointed by the pie.

See the worst part about this is, that Charles Fleischer had a brilliant point, his unifying theory of numbers and the way our universe works was brilliant to say the least. However, I could only understand a sliver of it, because that’s all he gave me. I feel as if I’ve been robbed of a beautiful picture, like someone took a fuzzy cellphone image of the Mona Lisa, it will still be the Mona Lisa, only it would be hard to tell exactly what the scene portrayed and over all the image would just be blurry.

So this being said, what exactly about this video still makes it fascinating?

Simple, His video uses one fundamental rule to explain basically the entirety of our universe:

“Within numbers is there an underlining secret to the universe…”. He used this idea to map out and graph ideas, graphing stars and their locations, in conjuncture with three dimensional solids key points. He proved that mathematical patterns and the universe, are connected in fascinating ways. The only problem was that I have no idea how he figured it out. Instead of a slow progression from his initial theories, to his current thoughts, he used his time making the Audience laugh more than explaining the brilliance of his theories.

Over all, I enjoyed this video and I believe that whoever views it will too. It’s one of those interestingly funny videos and yet it still has the unique quality of Ted that makes you, stop at the end of the video and think about the universe.


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