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Eve Ensler: Happiness in Body and Soul

In TED Talks on April 12, 2010 at 9:33 am

Reflection by MATT S.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Eve Ensler: Happiness in Body and Soul

Vagina. Vagina is a weird word some would say. Eve put it as something that “sounds like an infection at best.” Some would agree with her that no matter how many times you say that word, it never sounds pretty or the word you want to say.

The word “vagina” can be expressed many ways. i prefer not to list any because I find them weird but besides the fact that they can be expressed different ways, vaginas have given a reason to women to do something great in their lives bringing them happiness. Some women have either witnessed or have been targets to rape, brutalilty or circumcision. And the three women discussed in this video have all risen above what has happened to them to do something great to stop rape, circumcision and brutatilty.

The three women mentioned in this video all have great stories, but I find Agnes’ the most remarkable.

She lives in Kenya and at age 10 she was circumcised which has affected her most of her life. She decided she didn’t want this to happen to any other girls in her village and in Kenya. As she got older she created an anatomical structure of the lower half of a woman’s body which had removable parts that showed families and girls what a healthy and a mutilated vagina looked like. Agnes traveled through the Rift Valley, sleeping on the ground, convincing families to not hae their daughters circumcised. She saved 1,500 women from being cut all by herself.

When Eve met Agnes three years ago, Eve asked her whay could V-Day do for her and Agnes asked for a Jeep to get around better and faster. So Agnes received a Jeep and with that she saves 4,500 girls from being cut. Now Agnes has a V-Day building in Kenya as an escape for girls who don’t want to get cut. Agnes has an incredible story that is making Kenya a better place and inspiring women to make a difference all around the world.

Listening to Eve’s story about trying to find a savior from her abusive and alcoholic father, who would beat and molest her. She said her “life was hell’ and now helping with V-Day, and with all the women who have been abused or cut, she has found her escape and happiness in V-Day.

Eve says that her journey has taught her that “happiness exists in action, and truth, and it exists in giving away what you want the most.”


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