Christian Long

Joann Kuchea-Morin: Inside the AlloSphere

In TED Talks on April 12, 2010 at 12:28 pm

Reflection by SAMUEL M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Joann Kuchea-Morin: Inside the AlloSphere

There are many, many real world appications you can simulate and study using the AlloSphere.

Using the AlloSphere, you can take a trip inside the human brain. You can travel from one end to the other and see, hear, and even feel how all the different parts of the brain work in harmony. If biology insn’t your forté or it just doesn’t interest you, you can take a trip inside a crystal lattice structure, you can even see how self-generation and cell growth work. Using the AlloShere, humans can almost ‘interact’ with the microscopic world and see how the world around us operates. With this technology, scientists and engineers the world over could work together and build stronger, safer, and cheaper structures, improve the human body, and they could even combat bacteria.

With the technology behind the AlloSphere at our disposal, we will be able to make groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of science, engineering, and the arts.

The AlloSphere also shows promise to the future future generations.

If the technology behind the AlloSphere was produced on a mass scale, we would be able to retrofit schools and universities with AlloSpheres of their own. Maybe in a few decades, students won’t have to read textbooks to understand how the world around them works. Maybe in the future, instead of reading about the nitrogen cycle, students can just hop into the AlloSphere and see how it works. Instead of studying how atoms and elements change and bond, chemists can hop into an atom and see, hear, and feel how atoms undergo changes.

If this is the future of entertainment, learning, and education, I can’t wait.


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