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Jonathan Harris: The Webs’ Secret Stories

In TED Talks on April 12, 2010 at 10:33 pm

Reflection by MATT S.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Jonathan Harris:  The Webs’ Secret Stories

I like connecting to people and getting to know new people and when I was watching this video what caight my attention was whe Jon was talking about all the gaps that seperate us for example, religion, sexuality, gender, race, language and age.

He is right: there are many gaps that seperate all of us but they bring us all together yet we just dont know it. And with these gaps we express ourselves.

I really like how Jon says, “There’s traditionally been this imbalance between the desire that we have to express ourselves and the number of sympathetic friends who are willing to stand around and listen.”

He’s right; now a days we don’t have many people to talk about our feeling with. They’re all busy with work or spending time with their kids. So with the internet we are able to express and with a project that Jonathan has made, we are allowed to express ourselves freely.

One of his programs or projects called, “We Feel Free”, scans the internet for newly posted blog entries that contain the expression ‘I feel’ or ‘I am feeling’ in it. When it finds one, the entry is made into a little dot or particle that goes onto a page. Each dot has a different color to represent the mood of the sentence and the size of the particle represents how big the sentence is. It is a pretty neat feature and I think that we should all take a look at it one day in English class, Mr. Long.

Another project of his is the “Yahoo Time Capsule.” It also looks very interesting and neat. For more information on it watch the video.

Yet, the coolest project, I think that he just came out with in 2007 is called, “Universe.”

Universe reveals the modern mythooogy of today as we see it. In the program, all these little points of light are moving across the screen but in actuality the points of light are stars. When your cursor is moved over the stars an image is made out of the stars or a word will form. It is a very fasinating project by Jonathan.

So as you search for what you’re looking for on the internet if it’s in Universe or We Feel Free or just about anything, a story is always found online.

I see the internet as a giant book.


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