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Kevin Surace: Invents Eco-friendly Drywall

In TED Talks on April 12, 2010 at 1:14 pm

Reflection by ALEX S.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Kevin Surace:  Invents Eco-friendly Drywall

The exponentially rising emissions of CO2 since the 1950’s is a great concern among many scientists, researchers, and common everyday people.

The greatest issue is that the process is causing the Earth’s climate to warm up very slowly. As Kevin Surace shows in his first graphic of the Arctic, the ice covering the North Pole is receding with each year.

The most common effort among people to reduce CO2 emissions is to drive smaller cars or to drive less through carpooling. Although this is easy for everyone to do, Kevin Surace’s research shows that suprisingly vehicles don’t make up the greatest percentage of CO2 emissions. Surace’s studies show that buildings in general release the greatest percentage of CO2 into Earth’s atmosphere. Once Kevin Surace and his team found this out they met and developed ideas and strategies of how to counter this problem. They formed EcoRock, a new design of drywalls for buildings to reduce CO2 emission.

EcoRock is a solution to the ‘115 Year Old Gypsum Drywall Process’ which is the #3 producer in the world in greenhouse gases. EcoRock simply is creating drywalls, and reducing the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. EcoRock has actually decreased the emissions by 80 percent from the customary Gypsum Drywall process.

Overall I believe that this new way of building drywalls is very beneficial to the decrease in CO2 and is going to be very helpful to the atmosphere.

There is one confusing detail about this video.

Drywalls are used as building materials which in his pie chart shows to be only a small fraction of the CO2 emissions problem, yet he talked as if EcoRock was solving the buildings problem. EcoRock is more helpful towards reducing building materials emission of CO2 than the buildings in general decrease in CO2 release.


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