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Nellie McKay: Sings with Sparkling Humor

In TED Talks on April 12, 2010 at 11:07 am

Reflection by LINDSAY R.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Nellie McKay:  Sings with Sparkling Humor

The first time I saw Nellie McKay sing with sparkling humor, I thought that it was a very funny video to watch.

I did not understand the little song at the ending either. I still don’t understand why she sang this song after she sang the song she made. I realize that it is “If I Had You” by Frank Sinatra. Nellie McKay has a very pretty voice and she is an amazing song writer. I liked that she decided to sing with an ukulele to make fun of feminists. The first line of her song, “Feminists don’t have a sense of humor,” was very funny and this set the tempo for the rest of the song. I thought it was very smart that she used music to make fun of feminists because if she had said it any other way there would be serious drama after this had gone on TED.

I don’t totally agree with her ideas in the song, but I find it fun to listen to.

Her dance break were very funny to watch also. I understand that she doesn’t believe that feminists have a sense of humor, but all feminists are not like the stereotypically feminist who will do anything to get equal rights. Also most feminists do not spread vicious lies and rumors like she says in her song. I also don’t like Nellie McKay laughing at child molestation. This isn’t a thing to laugh about because thousands of kids go through that. I know she was trying to be funny, but she was pushing the edge a little bit too much. In her next line about prostitution, I understand that she doesn’t think it is wrong and I agree that whatever people want to do they can do because this is a free country.

During her “Dance Break”, she does do some awkward things like pretending to flash the audience and saying “Take it off.” That is going a little too far and she should not have done that at a TED convention because anyone could go and look this up on the Internet. She makes these feminists sound like they are horrible when they are just trying to make women lives easier and equal to men’s lives. In a line of the song she sings, “these feminists just need to find a man,” not everyone has to find someone. Some people like to be just surrounded by family and don’t need to get married. This is a fun song to listen to it, but she has just gone a little too far with what she was trying to say in this song.

I do recommend her video Nellie McKay sings “The Dog Song” [note: link to a previous blog post I did, BTW] because I like the message of that song.


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