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Susan Savage-Rumbaugh: Apes That Write

In TED Talks on April 13, 2010 at 2:01 pm

Reflection by KOLBY K.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Susan Savage-Rumbaugh:  Apes That Write

Apes are something humans do not want to compair themselves to. People do not want to think as themselves as animals. They want to think we are more advanced than other species that we know of on earth. But we are animals and some can learn just like we can and the name of the species is called Bonobo.

This video is an insipring and shows how we are animals. Bonobos are a special animal that help us relate to animals in the wild.

Bonobos are and advanced ape that lives in the Congo. The can learn and thrive like we do. The Bonobo walks like us. Like our ansectors the Bonobo use stone tools and are intrested in fire. SO we are more like animals than we believe. Bonobos have a comunication system and can learn to use out tools as they learned to use their tools in the wild. This allows them to advance their knowledge. One way they can advance their knowledge is using our tools and our way of communication. In the video on Bonobo used a peace of chalk and wrote wear she wanted to go using specific symbols.

People think that they cant be compaired to animals that they are better than them and animals dont have emotion. Animals have emotion and care about their offspring like our parents do. Watchinng the video proves that animaols have emotion have feelings. Watch when the mother grooms her baby. She uses the siccors to cut his hair, but when the baby grabs the siccors the mother knows he could hurt himself with them.

So people are animals, and all animals have the capability to be like one another.

  1. Wow Kolby – I’ve never thought about animals that way before. It is interesting how humans seem to see themselves as separate from animals, when really we’re just two sides of the same coin. Although I must admit, it is a little scarey to think of another species that has the capability to develope al intelligence like that of humans!

    Thanks Kolby – I enjoyed it!

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