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Josh Silver: Demos Adjustable Liquid-filled Eyeglasses

In TED Talks on April 14, 2010 at 8:03 am

Reflection by GAGE L.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Josh Silver:  Demos Adjustable Liquid-filled Eyeglasses

Josh Silver has introduced a new idea to help the world discover that glasses can better and change your life. His idea of self-prescribing glasses could change up to a billion peoples lives.

I agree with some of the points he states, but some things may cause a problem in the world.

While he has developed the idea of being able to adjust your glasses to the correct magnification you need, some people may not even be able to do this. The people who he intends on helping are living on one dollar a day. This obviously shows that the community is not well educated and lack basic qualities of a say a normal U.S. community. This would just cause the people who bought this new pair of glasses to find someone who could help them do this. Putting them in the same situation they were in before with the one ophthalmologist to every eight million citizens.

Although my opinions do not exactly agree with some of his points, I believe that this actually has the potential to be a great invention for the world.

If someone takes this invention and develops a plan to easily show the patient how to easily set the glasses to their required magnification. Once this is developed they must then figure out how to get these one billion individuals to buy this product. Over all I believe that this is a very useful tool in creating a better life for someone with bad vision. With increasing the populations ability to see better could also increase the communities education as a whole. This would cause the populations yearly income to hopefully increase as well, bumping the average of one dollar a day to something greater.

As this may not be a huge increase, this is just the start to establishing a better community and better world.


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