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Eddi Reader: Sings “Kiteflyer’s Hill”

In TED Talks on April 15, 2010 at 9:33 pm

Reflection by TREVOR A.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Eddi Reader:  Sings “Kiteflyer’s Hill”

Note:  This was not the same video performance from TED, but it is still Eddi performing “Kiteflyer’s Hill” live.


Eddi’s performance of the song “Kiteflyer’s Hill” was very strong. She begins her talk in 2003 by explaining that the song is about a place in London called Kiteflyer’s Hill. This song tells a story of love and loss, and she explains how Kiteflyer’s Hill is the place where she would go and cry, “when is he coming back?” many years ago. Although this song was written by a man named Martin Evan, Eddi explains that Martin wrote this song for her and her days and experiences on Kiteflyer’s Hill.

I think, after hearing this song, that it is very simple for most people to understand the basic meaning and truth behind this song. She sings about a place in London that is high up above the city lights, where she and her “wild summer love” used to go together. At some point there were mistakes made, and things said, and the two split. Sometimes she journeys up onto the hill where she wonders if he ever thinks of her anymore, or if she ever shows up in his dreams.

But to look at this song on a deeper note, I’ll start by saying that love is a very powerful thing.

Everyone has been there, and most everyone knows how it feels when love falls apart. Eddi is very emotional while she and her aqcuaintences are performing the song, and she does a very good job of dragging you into the scene. The way the song is written, it seems like her relationship with the subject of the song came to a very succinct end, and it is written as if it was left with many loose ends, as well as unanswered questions.

It also makes the obvious impression that whomever it was she was after must have really been something special. I, personally, thought this was a beautiful song, and also that Eddi has an amazing voice (you can really hear her Scottish accent at times during her performance). It seems to me that she has come a long way since her days in the ’80s UK pop band “Fairground Attraction”.

The lyrics go like this:

“Do you remember when we used to go up to Kiteflyer’s Hill?
Those summer nights, so still
With all of the city beneath us
And all of our lives ahead
Before cruel and foolish words
Were cruelly and foolishly said”

“Some nights I think of you
And then I go up on Kiteflyer’s Hill
Wrapped up against the winter chill
And somewhere in the city beneath me
You lie asleep in your bed
And I wonder if ever just briefly
Do I creep in your dreams now and then?”

“Where are you now?
My wild summer love
Where are you now?
Have the years been kind?
And do you think of me sometimes
Up on Kiteflyer’s Hill?”

“Oh, I pray you one day will
We won’t say a word
We won’t need them
Sometimes silence is best
We’ll just stand in the still of the evening
And whisper farewell to loneliness”

“Where are you now?
My wild summer love
Where are you now?
Do you think of me sometimes?
And do you ever make that climb?
Where are you now?
My wild summer love
Where are you now?
Have the years been kind?
And do you ever make that climb
Up on Kiteflyer’s Hill?

“Where are you? Where are you now?
Where are you? Where are you now?
Where are you? Where are you now?
Where are you now? Kiteflyer’s…”


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