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Emmanuel Jal: The Music of a War Child

In TED Talks on April 15, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Reflection by DANIELLA W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Emmanuel Jal:  The Music of a War Child

After watching this video all I could say is wow!

Beside the fact I gained new information on Sudan children in war, or a war child as the title of the video says it amazed me what he has been through and to see him in a better place. This video should help every student, teacher, adult or person in general realize no matter what you may be facing, you can make it to the other end of happiness.

Ill never forget when he explains his dreams.

I immediately stopped the video and was almost in to tears. To imagine at a young have the dead voices in your dreams telling you keep going and not to give up. Although it might be encouraging it has to horrifying at the same time.

In his poem he says he was “forced to sin to make a living”.

This is one of the powerful lines in his poem and his talk. You can just feel the depth, pain, and suffering in his word themselves. He also says “run, duck, play dead and hide” which by it self sounds totally innocent, just child play but in the context it takes the most joyful thing you see children doing and its used for a war strategy to stay alive. Coming out of the war he says it the first time he feels like a human. Think of as a child not feeling human but yet just a tool used in war.

What would you do after?

How would you function?

The beautiful thing is how he overcame all his obstacles by music. To me shows how powerful music can be. It can serve as therapy to people. He explains it as “seeing heaven”, to a young man who has gone through hell this has to do wonders for him. Can you imagine how far is music can go with all that he has been through. But the amazing this is he isn’t doing it for the money. In fact he’s donating his breakfast and lunch to a charity in hopes to raise money to build a school in Sudan.

So he’s going hungry for education.

How many people can say they are willing to do that?

This to me makes him even more of a caring amazing man. People today with all the killing, and negativity we face need to be reminded that there are people who are willing to do a lot to help other people.


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