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Theo Jansen: Creates New Creatures

In TED Talks on April 16, 2010 at 8:11 am

Reflection by KEITH C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Theo Jansen: Creates New Creatures

The first few times I watched this video, I kept wondering what the point of these new ‘creatures’ was. I kept searching for some purpose that they would serve or how they would affect the beach. After not finding any such purpose besides the fact of recycling lemonade bottles, I realized that they do not have to have a purpose, these unique creatures are visual pleasing enough without serving a purpose.

Just watching the way their many legs bend and move with a simple gust of the wind:  the ingenious of the structure of the creatures is overwhelming to me.

When you first see them, they have the look of some complex project that could easily be dismantled and be a permanently stationary bundle of tubes. Although the second you see them move, the true beauty of them is show. The way Theo described and the narrator described them, you would think that he had actually created some new organism. They used phrases such as “forms of life” and “survive on their own” that would seem ridiculous until you seem the way the move. The creatures gain their energy from gust of winds, which makes the beaches an ideal location. They have feathers along there back that catch the wind and drives their feet. When those move they walk sideways along the beach. When I first saw them walk I literally got the chills up my spine. The way that the legs have been attached to the hip and the hinges were there knees would be create a perfect walking motion that appears extremely realistic.

As the video goes on Theo explains how his new creations are a new very of the wheel. He actually says that it is better than a wheel. The advantage that these creatures have over the wheel would be the fact that these legs made from tubes can easily step over the sad. Whereas the wheel would get stuck in the wet sand.

I think that inventions like this can completely change on experience at the beach. Everyone will want to come to the beach that  has the interesting walking creatures on them. When you hear the word invention,  you probably think of something that will serve a purpose or make something less complicated to do the before. However creations like Theo’s seem to be the most interesting.

I hope that many inventors will follow in the footsteps of him and create something that is really worth talking about even if it does not seem to serve a purpose.


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