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Ben Saunders: Skis to the North Pole

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Reflection by WEI-CHEN L.

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Ben Saunders:  Skis to the North Pole

People who wanted to challenge them self do crazy stuff to prove himself. Challenge the nature is a crazy thing for me, but when the people succeed, it’s not anymore. I’ve never ski and walk on the ice, but I know it’s hard for anyone to ski on the ice for hundreds of miles across the North Pole. The North Pole was full of ice and was the pole bear’s place, and when it get warm, the ice is going to melt, and there is no way a human being can ski through it.

Mr. Saunders wanted to challenge himself, he had failed the first try, but he had succeed to ski to the North Pole in the second try in solo.

Whenever people succeed or failed, there will be a lesson can be learn. His brother told him jokily “You tried your hardest and failed miserably. The lesson is: don’t even try.” when he failed the first time. I don’t think any people would want to try their hardest and failed, but when you know you’re going to fail then it’s different. I won’t even try if I know I’m going to fail, but I don’t have the power to see the future. I’m a normal person, so I’d like to try my hardest and learn from the failure like Mr. Saunders did.

“That no one else is the authority on your potential. You’re the only person that decides how far you go and what you’re capable of.”

I really like this quote, and I know lots of people knew it in different ways. No one can control anybody, nor decide thing for anybody. Each of us control their own life when the moment it started until the life end. Mr. Saunders knew this, succeed and fail is on his hand and he had pushed himself through it and be succeed.

Hope Mr. Saunders can do the same thing as his next challenge to across the South Pale solo, and become the first human being to do it.


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