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Chris Anderson (TED): A Vision for TED

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 7:41 pm

Reflection by RYAN S.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Chris Anderson (TED):  A Vision for TED

TED is a collection of speakers from around the world, talking about their individual fields.

The TED conferences for a long time were little-known events, funded by huge business executives and hidden from the world by a huge entry fee. TED existed in its state of obscurity, known only by CEOs and a few fanatic high school professors, for man years, until a self-proclaimed business hero decided to buy TED from it’s previous owner, creating the new TED, inviting more speakers, and then the creation of the TED Talks website, which of course lead to the creation of this our TEDxProject.

I spent a good part of the creation of this analysis trying to decide exactly what I was going to analyse.

This video was surprisingly short for a TED Talk, and seemed to lack a single collective theme.  It was the life story of the man who bought Ted, and he didn’t even really tell what reasons he decided to do that. And so, what was there to analyze?

I couldn’t talk about the validity of his theories, since he didn’t give any theories. I couldn’t debate practicality, because in truth this was just a life story. So the question is then what should I write about?

I finally had an idea of what I could do.

Since this was the owner of TED talking about TED and what he tries to do, I thought that I could give a simple explanation of what we as the TEDxProject are tying to do.

You’ve probably read on the main page of this site what exactly we are doing here.

And really the answer is simple: we are taking TED videos and analysing them, giving our thoughts and opinions on whatever they are about, and sowing them to the world. That, on a two dimensional level, is all we are doing. Of course on a two-dimensional level all TED is, is taking a bunch of new ideas and putting them in one place. For both cases the truth is far more complex.

This project is far more than a grade to us. t is a way to prove that we as teenagers can be as well reasoned, or insightful, as the people at TED, or CEOs/executives.

There is a second part to our analysis, something that I am personally fascinated by…

If this project works out, if in ten years from now, people watch the TED video and see our analysis right below it.

I can’t help but wonder what else will happen. Already I have seen emails from teachers/professors that have talked about doing a similar project. What if in ten years projects like this are common, even expected from a high school teacher.  What if the web becomes a standard part of lessons, and websites will be devoted to projects like this one?

We will have been on the forefront of an entire educational and technological revolution. That is what the TEDxProject is about. It’s about our ability to make a difference.

In that respect, we and TED are similar.


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