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Demetrios Eames: Design genius, of Charles + Ray Eames

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Reflection by RYAN S.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Demetrios Eames: Design genius, of Charles + Ray Eames

I went into this video without the slightest clue who Either Charles or Ray Eames was. However using common sense I was soon able to deduce that they were moderately to extremely famous furniture designers.

What especially interested me about this video was the “mistakes” in furniture design. Maybe it was just me but some (if not most) seemed fascinating. The designs themselves seemed to focus on a certain problem and ways to fix it. The problem seemed to be body orientation. One of the chairs appeared, that if you sat in it, it would position your body to hunch forward, another was designed for an office desk, and all of these chairs still tried to focus on look, functionality, and over all design.

While the Prototype chairs were definitely interesting to see, over all they weren’t the point of the video. The true point of this video wasn’t even about Charles and Ray. The true point is about who we as humans look at the world. We as people tend to group thins into categorise. we consider a single thing as many, Design is one of these things. We usually consider design two things, The first is aesthetics, the way things appeal to the way we see, and mesh with a room.

The second thing is functionality, the effeminacy of a subject, along with its sturdiness. these two things are often considered opposites, and when one goes up, the other tends to go down. What the Eames said was that you can’t consider each of these two things separately, and that you had to consider them as one thing, design. If you look at something from a purely design point of view, you still have all the factors necessary for both Functionality and aesthetics, but you approach them from a single view point. they no longer become conflicting, and become a single goal. A sofa can be both good looking, and comfortable.

This was Eames secret to success. This is good design.

  1. Something tells me that if you follow the design rabbit a bit further, you’ll be quite intrigued by these two “furniture designers” and their grandson, Demetrios who gave the talk.

    Meet Charles + Ray –

    Their designs –

    Famous video done by Charles + Ray showing ‘scale’ from normal to macro to micro –

    Quirky/fun video done by Demetrios to honor his grandparents’ design legacy –

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