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Howard Rheingold: Collaboration

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 3:41 pm

Reflection by EDWARD C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Howard Rheingold:  Collaboration

Howard Rheingold’s video summarizes and emphasizes how important it is to collaborate. Howard describes how collaboration has evolved through time over millions of years, and through his descriptions Howard talks about how teamwork lead us to live the way we do today and how we might live our lives in the future.

In our lives today, we are able to publicize anything we want thanks to the computer. In our time computers are similar to the printing press in its time. With this power we, the users, must use much responsibility. Though collaboration can help many problems, due to difference in opinion collaboration can also lead to a door of multiple problems.

Although problems occurred once a way of collaborating was established, Howard proposes certain ways to resolve such problems as economic, religious, and political crises.

When the alphabet was created along with a form of a numerical system people took advantage of this. Kings, pharaohs, and other high positioned people were created. Along with them came records of how much land was being farmed and other important data. Not long from this a form of economics began when the system of taxing came in use. Howard suggests that a lack of communication lead to problems between the people who taxed and the people who were being taxed.

I believe in our societies today we lack collaboration.

Sure we talk with people we are comfortable with on a day to day bases but it the people we are not comfortable with that we should be talking to. Because we are not able to read minds, collaboration is the only way that we can resolve discomfort and tension between one another.

Howard believes that countries political crises can simply be resolved by collaboration. He uses economic examples to support his argument. Such businesses as EBay offer a feedback mechanism. This creates a trust bond between the costumer and the employees. Other websites such as Thinkcycle shows the world’s problems and allows others to blog about possible solutions. Even Wikipedia allows people around the world to have a free encyclopedia through the power of collaboration.

I believe through collaboration and trust all problems can be resolved.

Like Howard Rheingold said “What forms of suffering can be alleviated? What forms of wealth can be created if we knew a little bit more about corroperation?”


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