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James Cameron: Before Avatar, a Curious Boy

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Reflection by SHANNON L.

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James Cameron:  Before Avatar, a Curious Boy

“Failure is an option, fear is not.”  — James Cameron explains this point by recanting his life story and his success in films.

As a boy James Cameron loved science fiction. He was also very artistic and spent his time drawing and painting science fiction and the world around him. His love of science led him to get his scuba diving license and to explore the oceans. He lived his science fiction fantasy through the world he found in the sea. He was captivated by all the creature especially the ones pertaining to thermal vents labeling them as “aliens”. As an adult he sought to combine his love of the oceans with the fantasy of science within his mind. At times he had to table his desire to create certain stories, such as Avatar, until certain technology had been developed.

As technology progressed he felt it was time to test what it had become with the creation “The Abyss” and “Titanic”. These ignited a passion within him, that led him to doing scientific research of the oceans and universe. This encouraged the growth of technology in not only the science fields but also in the making of movies. With the growth of these fields he was able to pursue his dream of creating the movie “Avatar”.

The project known as “Avatar” was not one that took a short. James Cameron speaks that he worked with a select team of people for over four years in an effort to just conceive the technology necessary to formulate and fulfill the effort. It took another eight years to truly complete the project. During this time that select group and he created a relationship that he described similar to a family. In conclusion of this monumental task, James Cameron made a self discovery. He found that contrary to the belief that failure should not be a possibility in success, that the exact opposite is true.

In essence through this belief James Cameron relates that in order to succeed fear cannot be a governing factor in a risk taken. Failure is an option, as well as success, however, success cannot be gained without the absence of fear.


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