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Lakshmi Pratury: Letter-writing

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Reflection by LINDSAY R.

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Lakshmi Pratury:  Letter-writing

Lakshmi Pratury talks about her father and his letters after he passed away in her video on letter-writing.

After watching this video I was inspired to write letters and then I realized how bad my hand-writing had become. At my school we had learned cursive in elementary school, but no one my age uses cursive anymore. We use computers or phones to send emails and texts. Watching this video I realized how happy it would make me feel if I could just get a true written letter instead of a letter that is typed on a computer and sent in an envelope.

I didn’t realize how handwriting could affect a person either like it did Lakshmi Pratury. The way she was affected by her father’s letters about his thoughts on her was very sad to watch. She said in her video that “Handwriting is a disappearing art” and it is. We never see handwriting anymore. Even in school we short hand and print or sometimes just take a picture of the notes.

We as a population are becoming lazy and this wonderful art that would make anyone happy just to see that someone would sit down a take their time to write you a letter from their heart.

Lakshmi also talks about everyone leaving their children with a written legacy and not a financial one. I think this is a smart idea and people should take it seriously.

We should be inspired by this story and want to leave a legacy for other people that they care about. We could show out true feelings through letter-writing instead of instant messaging or texting. Lakshmi also plans to leave a published book for her son. She ended her video with some verses that she wrote at her father’s creamation, which was ten years ago. These verses were very inspiring and beautiful.

One of the lines is, “I hear you and I know that you would want me to be strong, but right now, I am being sucked down, surrounded, and suffocated by these raging emotional waters, craving to cleanse my soul, trying to emerge on a firm footing one more time, to keep on fighting and flourishing just as you taught me.”

This was one of the most beautiful lines I have ever heard and I was truely inspired.


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