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Laura Trice: Suggests We All Say Thank You

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Reflection by MORGAN P.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Laura Trice:  Suggests We All Say Thank You

Most of us say thank you everyday. It is something we say out of habit. We say thank you to people holding the door, waiters, employees who helps you carry your groceries, your mom when she makes you a sandwich.

But what about saying thank you to the the people in our lives that have the greatest impact?

Say thank you to your parents, for working so hard so that you can go to a great school. Say thank you to your teachers who are always willing to give up a part of their day to help you. Thank God for all he has blessed you with.

Saying thank you can be so important! Showing appreciation for someone can instantly make their day and yours better. It is something simple that we can do everyday!

We all need to do it.

Laura Trice talks about how saying thank you can impact someone.

Laura works in a rehab facility. She helps people who are struggling with addiction. Laura tells us that for some people in rehab, the main thing that is hurting them is that their father never told them they were proud of them! That fathers would brag about their children to others, but never once said “I’m proud of you.” Alot of parents do this because they don’t realize that kids need to hear this! As kids, we want our parents to be proud of us. We want to hear them say that they are proud.

But it isn’t just kids.

Everyone needs to be praised. Even if that starts with a simple “Thank you.” Everybody has someone in their life that has had such an impact on them. Tell them what a positive influence they have been to you. Everyone can use a confidence boost!


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