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Mena Trott: Blogs

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 8:07 am

Reflection by CONNOR M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Mena Trott: Blogs

I don’t believe that I’ve ever actually experienced an “attack of the blogs” phenomenon, but from what I’ve heard and noticed, they should certainly exist. The picking a lock with a pen, for instance, must have been especially discomforting.

The spread of media in general is a disputed topic. What’s worse, a suppressed media or a media gone wild? This goes back and forth and blogging is caught in the crossfire. That being said, is blogging really to blame? The internet itself has become a conduit to transfer information in seconds, so specifically blogging being the source of it all is a misplaced blame.

In my personal opinion, blogging is something that should, in fact, be used, but used with responsibility. Blogging can easily avoid being used for “attacking”, however it still happens. Even with that, I believe blogging is positive. It allows for writers and thinkers to have an easy-to-use channel for their thoughts/work. Even/especially everyday people can use blogs effectively. They allow people to keep a record of who they are and an audience will even follow over time. As Trott says, it is part of this evolution.

Referring to the unfortunate outcome of the ill woman in Trott’s story, blogs can even be an integral part of a person’s life. We write about our thoughts and feelings, which leads to our recognition of how we really do feel. Our character.

What people do with blogging hopefully won’t make a drastic effect on the internet, such as how “attack of the blogs” do. Maybe the better use of blogging will only lead to a minimal audience, while the negative use will lead to a large audience, causing the most damage.

Perhaps one may not become famous, as Trott recognizes, but blogging will still lead to being famous among some people.

Maybe this is for the better.


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