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Newton Aduaka: Tells the Story of Ezra, a Child Soldier

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 5:22 pm

Reflection by ALEX E.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Newton Aduaka:  Tells the Story of Ezra, a Child Soldier

The movie clip of Erza was very good at explaining the problems of Nigeria during the three year civil war in a highly moving and accurate way.

This film itself has got the atmosphere of what was going on. The film also got what was happening inside of the rebel groups, the mentality and their goals. The film shows that the children that lived through the civil war have been affected by the horrors they saw or lived through. This also shows the violence that Africa has gone through in recent years.

But, what can we learn from this film?

This helps us understand the situation that the people are going through in these war torn countries. To understand their situation would allows us to know how to help these people and their political, economic, and social problems so that we are prepared to handle a given situation. The movie Erza tells us what the Africans, I believe, think of the U.S., of how we sometimes support ‘corrupt’ governments because the opposition does not favor the U.S. The minds of the ‘child’ soldiers should also be noted, that at a young age they are learning to kill.

The mental attitudes of children in the U.S. is not on any level the same as these children in Africa.

If a American child had to live through what these children had lived through, they would die. This does sicken my heart to think that in this ‘modern’ era, children have to kill others just to live. Most people including me, in my opinion, do not truly understand the causes of this. The problems with Africa today are a mixture of being ruled by an imperial power for a long time, not knowing how to rule themselves in a good manner, and a bad world economy.

Overall, this short movie shows how Newton’s homeland and people have been devastated by civil war and corrupted governments throughout the years.


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