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P.W. Singer: Military Robots and the Future of War

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Reflection by ADAM K.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

P.W. Singer:  Military Robots and the Future of War

War is a horrible atrocity.

By no means is the killing of one’s fellow man good, but sometimes it is necessary. When the liberty of our country or another countries is threatened and a solution cannot be met through diplomatic means, then War is the route many see fit to take. Fighting has been around since the neolithic period of human history, with “cave men”, fighting each other for food and dominance, the first recorded “real” war occurred in 2700 B.C.E.. War as we know it today, is large scale fighting between humans, caused by some kind of dispute.

Whoever wins is the one who forces the other to surrender, conquers the “enemy” country,city,etc., or has the lowest casualties than that of the other participants. Winning a war basically involves strategy and technology, I will be focusing on the latter. Technology in war involves the amount and type of weapons one has. The one who usually wins the war is the one usually with better technology, the English were superior to the French in the Hundred Years War with the creation Long Bow, the Native Americans and Africans could not defeat the “white man” due to the vast technological superiority of the gun to that of the spear during the acquisition of American and African colonies, the Germans had the panzer and the greatest Air force ever seen before that time, during World War II, and America ended that war with our Atomic Bomb.

All of these weapons were dominant in their time and led their respective countries, nations, etc. to victory, except Germany of course.

The future of war today is Robotics, the science fiction of 50 years ago is coming to reality.

PW Singer says “our unmanned systems don’t just affect the “how” of war fighting, they affect the “who” of fighting at it’s most fundamental level.” Instead of soldiers out on the battlefield, there are soldiers at home using controllers like that of a video game to control drones and predator missiles killing terrorists thousands of miles away, 10 miles from their house.

These Robots are emotionless and non-judgmental, this can be considered good or bad, if one of the robots allies dies the robot wont go crazy,a man who has killed thousands of people is the same of that of an 80 year old grandma in the eyes of the robot.The robot cannot distinguish ally from foe, it only follows orders, it will kill who it is told to kill. Humans are becoming easier to kill, when all one has to do is press a button to kill 10 people it seems easier, than sending 50 people whom you expect half to life, to kill 10 people.

This new war may seem like a video game with robots killing humans, but it is slowly becoming reality.


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