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Robert Lang: Folds a New Origami

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 1:12 pm

Reflection by BRITTANY C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Robert Lang:  Folds a New Origami

Dr. Robert. Lang is an America physicist who is also one of the famous origami artist in world.

He is known for his complex designs, of insects and animals. He has been a student of the mathematics of origami and of using computers to study the theories behind origami. He has made great advances in making real-world applications of origami to engineering problems. Robert Lang merges mathematics with aesthetics to fold elegant modern origami. His scientific approach helps him make folds once thought impossible.

Most people think origami is just paper swans and toys. Robert Lang describes origami as an art form of sculpture.

Origami, as Robert Lang describes it, is simple:

“You take a creature, you combine it with a square, and you get an origami figure.”

He also describes it as “art work formed with technology and mathematics.”

His models includes a snake with one thousand scales, a two-foot-tall allosaurus skeleton, and a perfect replica of a Black Forest cuckoo clock. Each work is the result of software which Lang created himself , that manipulates thousands of mathematical calculations in the production of a “folding map” of a single creature. You could take an uncut square fold texture in to the model. You can also make 400 scales for a fish and you can make 50 stars for the American flag.

Robert Lang then talks about different folds. Origami folds actually made life easier. Car companies use origami folds to fold air bags .there was even a car commerical where every thing you saw was folded origami except for the car. Origami fold are usefull in life, because it accomplishes the tasks that are need. For an example they used origami folds to fold a glasslens that they needed to send to outerspace for a telescope. When I first thought of origami I thought of swans and cootie catchers. After watching this video, Robert Lang completely changed my mind and my opinion about origami.

He showed me that origami has more uses other than being a toy:

“One day origami could save your life”said Robert Lan.


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