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Seth Godin: Standing Out

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 1:23 pm

Reflection by MELISSA H.

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Seth Godin:  Standing Out

“What you have to do is figure out what people really want and give it to them.”

Seth Godin gives a speech about how to stand out and get your ideas noticed. If you want your idea to become big you have to be remarkable. People don’t want new ideas that have already been accomplished. For example, we have McDonald’s and Burger King. There isn’t really a difference between those two fast food restaurants. Quit making fast food restaurants that sell just burger and fries! Come up with someone that will stand out and get noticed. You are more likely to get more money that way rather than come up with another burger and fries restaurant. When Arby’s came along they came up with an idea to sell roast beef sandwiches rather than the usual burger and fries at most fast food joints. But, Arby’s was trying to promote their new sandwiches with a commercial of an oven mitt speaking. I don’t know about you, but that would not attract me to go buy a roast beef sandwich.

Being creative these days and trying to sell a product that is remarkable can be difficult. Too many people’s ideas have come to play, but turn out to be unsuccessful due to the amount of people not willing to “try” this new item or idea. People don’t care about YOU and what YOU want. Realize that, start thinking about what they want and you will succeed. How to be remarkable? Create an idea that everyone wants and something everyone will like…. Easier said than done. Although if you do succeed at a remarkable idea that gets you noticed, congratulations you will most likely be granted lots of money and success.

What is something you can do with your idea to make it a success and attract other people?

Silk is soy milk and is a product that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. When people go to the grocery store, there is a constant line of milk and then not milk. For the people who saw this caught there eye instantly and Silk products tripled their sales instantly. Jeff Koons is someone else who did something remarkable. In the middle of New York City he made a 40 foot dog made out of bushes.

Like Godin says, “You don’t have to like it … but it’s remarkable.”

People and the internet are probably two of the best advertisements. I don’t know about you, but I love to talk. I love to share with my friends newly things I’ve discovered. This promotes business for a lot of people. If you get something out there that is not only remarkable, but gets people talking your idea will spread quickly and maybe get known. One person will tell a friend, and so on. In this new generation some people are constantly hooked to the internet. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Google, people will always be checking these websites. Success could easily come from making a “fan page” for your company on Facebook and people will constantly join as long as they like your idea.

So would you rather go to a town in the middle of nowhere or go to a town in the middle of nowhere with a 55foot tall lava lamp?

That’s what I thought… It’s something worth noticing.


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