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Shai Agassi: Electric Cars

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 4:01 pm

Reflection by DEVEN P.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Shai Agassi:  Electric Cars

Now days one of the main questions that people have been trying to solve is how to make a zero emission car thats cheap enough for mass production. Well I beleive that the answer is here.

Shai Aggasi is on to something.

With Shai’s plan getting around will only cost a dollar fifty a mile instead of the U.S. average of two seventy. In 2015 a gallon will only costs 4 cents. By 2020 it will only cost 2 cents a gallon. sure we could use ethanol but like Shai said “you would need the Amazon in your backyard.” You could use Hydrogen but that harvesting enough to power a car is extremely inefficient.

Shai calls for governments around the world to enforce a change from gas powered cars to full electrically powered cars.

Israel is already on board. They will be one of the first to convert to electric cars. The Prime Minister, Shimon Peres told Shai that if he could find $200 million and a car company that would mass produce such a product he would give him a country to invest it all into. Renault, Nissan, and Shai reached an agreement. Renault and Nissan put together “a billion and a half” to make nine different models together. By 2020 Israel will have two million electric cars on the road.

Denmark is also on board. In Denmark buying a car costs 60,000 euros, buying one Shai’s cars costs only 20,000 euros. Lowering the cost of Shai’s cars draws more interest into buying them. The U.S. should implement a rule such as this. It would not only help the environment but it would also stimulate the economy. The U.S. still won’t convert to Shai’s ideas. We don’t have 50 years to solve this problem; we need to solve it as fast as possible.


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