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Stewart Brand: “Squatter Cities”

In TED Talks on April 18, 2010 at 7:55 pm

Reflection by PARYSE W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Stewart Brand: “Squatter Cities”

Stewart starts out talking about cities and people moving out of them.

He says the top 10 reasons are because life in the country is dull, back breaking, impoverished, restricted, exposed, dangerous, and static. Danger is one of the main ones it seems in the social media and what you hear through people and magazines. I always here that something terrible is going on in these other countries and nobody pays any attention to this until  a major tragedy happens and the U.S. decides to help. He says life in the city is exciting, less grueling, better paid, free, private, safe, and upwardly mobile.

This is somewhat true.

Life in the city does not always seem so exciting because of many different things. Always traffic, it seems like more robbery, but it is safer then some places in the world. Definatly not free in the city, the city is more expensive and the products you need in life seem to me unreasonably pricey. Squatter cities are more like Haiti, and smaller areas, a city for example like he said would be Shanghai. People that are in squatter cities are trying to work to get out of there. Government will sometimes help upgrade these people and there lifestyles.

Stewart says “Education is the main event that can happen” very true I think, it helps people learn how to somewhat get a better life and work to get into the city. These places have unlicensed everything and they own undeeded properties. Everyone works though.

They expect 2 million people to live in squatter cities soon he says this in 2006.  To find out more about what is not going on I would say search Google. Many populations grow and then drop extremly fast. Cities are the money making place for people. Some people call the squatter cities the “slums.”

I think this video is inspirational by showing all of the many examples and talking about what is actually going on everywhere else.


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