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Jeff Han: Demos His Breakthrough Touchscreen

In TED Talks on April 19, 2010 at 9:41 am

Reflection by VANCE L.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Jeff Han:  Demos His Breakthrough Touchscreen

Virtual reality sounds awesome. Anything and everything, anytime, everywhere.

  • Step 1 to virtual reality: Imagination and Math. (Check)
  • Step 2 to virtual reality: Computers. (Check)
  • Step 3 to virtual reality: Fully sensitive and realistic touchscreens with almost infinite points of capture in an innovative design. (Now Check)

Jeff Han notes that touchscreen technology has been available since the Eighties, but that something like this is new and finally ready to come out of the lab on a mass scale for the population.

With high resolution, low cost, and easy scalability, this technology is becoming easily accessible.

This lava lamp application can be touched in multiple places at once in any configuration. Pressing on it heats the lava, causing it to rise. If two parts are heated and pushed together, they can become one whole piece. The whole system is intuitive and has no instructions. As Jeff notes, “Google should have something like this in their lobby”.

Jeff demonstrates another fun if not more useful tool, a photographer’s lightbox application. With fingers, the canvas or pictures can be stretched and edited with a seamless, instructionless ease. A keyboard can be made to appear that can be scaled to whatever size the user wants to fit their hands.

While we already have the iPhone and iPad where these technologies are in play, this talk was filmed in February of 2006. Jeff gives a firsthand look into technologies that are now commonplace but that once were new.

In the meantime, how long do we have to wait until we have interfaces without instruction manuals? Computers that understand us and our wants/needs? Virtual Realities that our children and youth can interact with as though it is an obvious part of their person, and truly how long until this technology is a reality?

Jeff doesn’t give an answer here to all of that, but he knows how we can get started. We have multi-screen technology that can be brought up to the size of… ANYTHING. It can be scaled to cover a room or a notecard, but however we do it, it is ready and waiting to be mass produced. That’s what Jeff has to say.


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