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Tod Machover and Dan Ellsey: Play New Music

In TED Talks on April 19, 2010 at 3:49 pm

Reflection by COOPER T.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Tod Machover and Dan Ellsey:  Play New Music

This is an extremely powerful video. I feel that everyone that sees this review needs to watch this. The idea of this new music is astonishing and the fact that it can pull this kind of expressiveness out of people that are mentally handicapped is astounding. The work these guys are doing is breaking so many barriers its unbelievable.

I understand that a computer technically makes the sound but Dan was the one that put it together and composed it just like a man with a guitar. I feel its almost impossible to criticise these guys’ work. Not only is the technology they are developing amazing but the uses for it are endless.

Using this technology to help patients with mental and physical disabilities is a amazing thing. They are changing lives, bringing happiness to people that have had a rough life that most of us can’t even imagine dealing with. At first glance this video sounded interesting and in the first few minutes that’s all it was. Once Dan got on stage and did what he did it became more than that. It became astonishing and extremely inspirational.

Inspiring is probably the best word to describe this video. Its inspiring that Tod and his coworkers have developed a vision and pursued it until success. Its inspiring that Dan can push through his disability and create something beautiful. Overall this video shows that no matter what barriers get between you and success none of them are impossible to overcome.

Thanks to this music we get more than a multitude of new artists; we receive a connection to these people that was hard to come by before. Now we can connect through art and self expression.


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