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Rives: Controls the Internet

In TED Talks on April 20, 2010 at 9:32 pm

Reflection by MELISSA H.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Rives:  Controls the Internet

When I picked this video, I expected a whole different scenario. I was preparing to watch a very long video about how this guy named Rives is in charge of the internet and how he came up with all these brilliant ideas of how to set it up and make it useful.

Well, I guessed completely wrong.

Rives is a very talented person who thinks differently than most people. This video is a poem that was uniquely written with a lot of humor. He came up with this poem due to a mystery actress who once said, “I’m really getting into the internet lately. I just wish it was more organized.”

The first time I watched this video I had no clue what to write. So, I watched it a second, third, fourth time and so on. I learned many things from watching this video. My favorite part of the video would be being able to Mapquest your lover’s mood swings. Not only could you Mapquest theirs, but any ones. You would know the exact time to be able to turn right or u-turn when they are in a grumpy mood.

I’ve only heard of Friendster, Monster, and only a few times, but today if I controlled the internet I would be able to talk to my friends on Facebook and listen to music off of Pandora, while looking like I’m “studying” for school. is the most genius thing I’ve ever heard and not only could you find the most delicious recipe for biscuits, but you could also get free gifts from them anytime you want. Almost like Amazon, you can go to the website and choose anything you want and they send it to you for free instantly.

Rives is right, I would want to be able to e-mail dead people. Well technically their not e-mailing you back but just receiving the name of the person in the inbox. That would easily make someone smile.

I’m not quite sure if I would want Rives zipping through my firewalls and controlling my internet, but I guess everyone would have their own opinion if they go to control the Internet!


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