Christian Long

Steve Jurvetson: Model Rocketry

In TED Talks on April 20, 2010 at 11:57 pm

Reflection by CALVIN G.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Steve Jurvetson:  Model Rocketry

Steve Jurvetson is a rocketry enthusiast. He shares his love for rockets, shows pictures and even a video of what he has done over the past couple of years.

He starts on a small scale, talking about a rocket his son built. He then moves on to larger scale rockets such as night shots and other model rockets. Then he moves on to more technological advanced rockets. For instance he touches on rockets with computers, cameras, and even a program that can simulate a rockets flight before it is launched! It is during the next segment when he starts talking about the really large scale rockets. This is where his talk gets really interesting. Some of the rockets that are described are very big and from looking at the pictures they are very powerful and draw spectators from all around. He goes on to talk about some of the failures of rockets and shows some pictures of explosions and others falling from thousands of feet.

What is interesting to me is the enthusiasm he shows when even talking about the failures. He says how cool they are to watch and that a lot of people come just to see an explosion. Getting back to my point, the reason I found his enthusiasm toward failure interesting is that it really showed me and most likely showed the audience how passionate he is about rocketry. Another thing that really interested me was the last rocket he talked about, that it had x-ray sensors, video cameras and a bunch of other electronics. This rocket went to one hundred thousand feet leaving earth’s atmosphere and took a picture of earth from space. He claims that this is the pinnacle of rocketry and that this is the reason people do this.

Though the video was only three minutes long, I was very impressed with what Mr. Jurvetson had to offer and am very interested in this field of math and science.


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