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Deborah Gordon: Digs Ants

In TED Talks on April 21, 2010 at 8:24 pm

Reflection by DAVID K.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Deborah Gordon: Digs Ants

The society of ants actually can compare to past human societies. The destiny of all ants are all the same. Ants instinctively change jobs in their colonies as they get older and are still expected to work. Communication in ant colonies is also instinct.

The quenn of a colony can live for twenty years and she can give berth to 1000s of sterile female ants. All of these ants are rotated through a job cycle and have no choice but to follow it. The Egyptian society over 4000 years ago had a similar feeling as the slaves were forced to work on the Pyramids. Their age did not matter and were forced to work. Their destinies were already decided and were trapped in the same type of cycle Deborah described about the ants.

The type of communication used in the ant colonies is as weird as the protest group “anonymous”. Ants instinctively contribute to their colony. Anonymous has no meeting and they never actually use voices to talk to one another. Anonymous contributes to their society in a similar fashion to ants. Although ant colonies have queens their is still no official leaders in the colony and the main purpose of the queen is to just reproduce. Anonymous and ant colonies both contribute to their societies by instinct.

Ant and past human civilizations have more in coomon than we think. Just studying ant colonies is like watching our past and present societies.


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