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Joseph Lekuton: A Parable for Kenya

In TED Talks on April 21, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Reflection by MUHUMMED B.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Joseph Lekuton:  A parable for Kenya

Has a native of Kenya. Joseph Lekuton knows of the hardships that nomadic Kenyans face. Joseph uses his touching (and what I find a somewhat emotional) TED Talk, to capture that attention of Americans to come help the nomadic people in Kenya.

Joseph Lekuton is a Member of Parliament, but he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for his father.

One day in his Masai Village government soldiers came to his village with guns and asked elders and fathers to pick a boy to go to school, and his father had chosen him. He went to a missionary school that was run by an American Missionary. Later in his education he passed the National Examination and attended a high school in Kenya. Lekuton then received a full scholarship to St. Lewis University and attended Harvard Graduate School.

When he left the US, he went back to his home and heard of the problems that his people faced. He would return to the US thinking of the sick people and people in need of water in his village, and he kept thinking about solutions to fix the conditions in which they lived. Also on his mind was a parable from which he had heard from an old man in his village.

A parable is a short story that explains a moral or religious lesson.

The parable that the old man told him was one that I found quite inspiriting for those who are ever underestimated. The story was one from the old mans younger life in which his village was at war with another and the other village was marching on its way to attack their village. The Chief of the old mans village told the villagers to get ready to march away, except for two members of the village, a blind man and a man who was born with no legs. The Chief feared they would slow the others down so they were left behind. The man with no legs had great eyesight and the blind man could walk for miles, so the two worked together to get away from the opposing side. The two underdogs worked so well together, the legless man was on the back of the blind mans back and became his eyes. The two followed the other villagers and even passed them while running from the opposing tribe.

The parable is basically telling the story of two men who were underestimated and then proved everyone wrong because they knew what they were capable of, and Joseph Lekuton knows that with help the nomadic Kenyans can do better. He uses his TED Talk to grasp the attention of Americans, nurses, doctors, and students that can come help the Kenyans improve their lifestyle.


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