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Sunitha Krishnan: Fights Sex Slavery

In TED Talks on April 21, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Reflection by LINDSAY R.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Sunitha Krishnan:  Fights Sex Slavery

Sunitha Krishnan talks about women and girls becoming sex slaves in this video. This video is very powerful and has impacted me greatly.

This needs to stop now.

Many women and children are just raped and thrown away like Sunitha says. Sunitha tells the story of three children, Pranitha, Shaheen and Anjali, who were raped and were trafficked. Two of these children even died form HIV that they got from being raped. Shaheen even need stitches to get her intestines back into her body. Pranitha’s mom, who was in prostitution, sold Pranitha to a broker.

Sunitha also told her own story.

She was raped by eight men although she doesn’t remember the rape that much. She only remembers the anger that has been building up inside her for 25 years. She was seen as a victim and was isolated for two years. She has even lost hearing in her right ear because of how many times she has been beaten up. She herself does not even consider herself a victim. Most of the girls raped are isolated after they are rescued. Even one of Sunitha’s closest friend did not want one of the girls she rescued when her mother needed care. We as a population do not accept these girls as human beings. We see them as victims and only victims. Sunitha has trained most girls in careers though and they are excelling in them.

Sunitha has rescued more than 3,200 girls that most of them have HIV.

These girls are raped by men who could be brothers, fathers, uncles and cousins who live all around the world. We are silent about these men, like we don’t even care what they did. Sunitha’s message is for us as a population to support these women and girls and see them as human beings worth something.

She wants this to stop and we can help.


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