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Adam Grosser: His Sustainable Fridge

In TED Talks on April 25, 2010 at 9:58 pm

Reflection by CARL K.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Adam Grosser:   His Sustainable Fridge

As most of us know, there many places around the world, today, where people don’t remotely have access to electricity. None, whatsoever. The idea of that alone is remarkable, but what’s even more remarkable is the amount of disease that can be spread, just due to the absence of electricity.

Now, in the video, Adam’s keynote doesn’t give a totally accurate description of how much disease is spread, but the majority of us can grasp the big picture.

So why does disease spread so much when there is no electricity?

Well, without electricity, bacteria and parasites, even flies, are free to roam around the area, and these guys absolutely love dead meat, or whatever. Plus, And because they can freely float wherever, it’s easy for them to infect our foods, plus they reproduce fast in a warmer climate, which is really annoying. Once we eat the foods, the parasites can travel through our body systems and cause havoc on our insides, and why there are so many deaths in these underdeveloped countries. So, with the support of electricity comes refrigeration, or the power to preserve products in a cooled environment. With that ability we can ward off any bacteria or parasites from harming our foods. Also, it helps in storing our medicine.

I know that if medicine isn’t kept at some constant temperature, its effects can be altered.

With that in mind, it’s very crucial to supply countries, in need of mass electricity, in order to decrease the number of deaths. However, because the cost of electricity is high, it’s unlikely that can be achievable. So, we need an alternative solution. And Adam is our man to go to. His idea of a sustainable fridge, that works, is revolutionary. It’s portable, and it can last for at least a good 24 hours before dying out. By implementing these in societies around the world, we can possibly:

  1. reduce number of deaths
  2. prevent some diseases
  3. bring down the percentage of world hunger.

Those three factors are one of the world’s leading concerns, and so bringing down those percentages, even if it’s minimal, will cause a great change.

If we can mass produce these refrigerators, and ship them all around the globe, we as a society can make a huge difference in our world today, and in our future as well.


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