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Thulasiraj Ravilla: How Low Cost Eye Care Can Be World Class

In TED Talks on April 25, 2010 at 9:41 pm

Reflection by EDWARD C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Thulasiraj Ravilla:  How Low Cost Eye Care Can Be World Class

As we all know, the world is not a fair place. It is filled with many disasters that leave millions of people physically and mentally crippled. And unfortunately our society places those who have money in front of those who don’t have money. If only everyone went through a time period in their lives where they experienced what it would be like to live the lives of those who are disabled, I believe more people would be willing to help out.

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and saw a very sad picture that asked for a donation? Did you give a donation?

Some can honestly say yes but others might have had the intention to but then got interrupted by something. So why is it that someone can see a sad picture or a video clip that makes them shed a few tears but then by dinner time act as if they never saw it?

I believe it is because that person never had an experience to something even close to what happened to that poor child. It is when the audience can relate with the situation the picture or video is capturing that you get action taking place. I wonder how many people in the audience during this ted session actually did something to help out the blind people in India in anyway way after they left that building. Sure some people might have gossiped about the video or brought up a relative that went through a similar thing but by the next day there back to living their normal lives as if that ted session never even happened.

I think what this organization is doing is great!

Not only because there helping people but also because they don’t let money dilute the pureness of their actions. Thulasiraj’s states that 1 in 5 people in India need eye care. This is a ridiculous number considering India’s population. And just think, this is just one country!

The videos embedded in his PowerPoint allow us to get a very brief summary of the less fortunate people in India. Everything down to the operation center is different than what I have ever seen. The operation chairs are side by side with nothing to separate the view of another patient having surgery. The thought of getting in a chair and preparing for surgery while seeing other people around me receiving surgery scares me. Though their methods over there are very different they are very sufficient with their methods.

One of the things that really caught my eye in this presentation is the trust between the doctors and the patients. 3 minutes and 20 seconds in the session there is a segment that describes the relationship between the patient and the staff. Such a relationship is so rare especially because these nurses and doctors see about a thousand patients a day. As I kept on watching I thought to myself how these people can have so much faith in the staff when their attention is so dispersed through so many patients. My conclusion to this is the staff’s model “when you grow in spiritual consciousness, we identify with all that is in the world so there is no exploitation. It is ourselves that we are helping. It is ourselves we are helping. If more people in the world shared this concept, I believe, more and more people would strive to better the world.

So how can we help those around us who need help?

There are so many ways, a simple donations, club organizations, and any other form of support will do. Many of our world problems can be cured with just a little corroboration from everyone. Through teamwork and the true intention to help anything can be fixed.


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