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A.J. Jacobs: Year of Living Biblically

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 9:32 pm

Reflection by MORGAN P.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

A.J. Jacobs:  Year of Living Biblically

There is a difference between taking the Bible seriously and taking it literally.

Jacobs goes on this crazy quest to follow the Bible perfectly. Living life following every rule in the Bible is impossible. I’m not sure why A.J. Jacobs tried to follow every rule. We should all try to live our lives according to the Bible. But, because we are human beings, we are unable to follow every rule and remain sinless.

The Bible is meant to be a guide in which we follow.

Jacobs talks about all of the rules he followed. Not wearing clothes made out of mixed fibers, not shaving the corners of a beard, stoning adulterers.
The one rule he had trouble with was stoning adulterers. This is a perfect example of taking the Bible seriously versus taking it literally. If we take it seriously we learn that we should not commit adultery. Taking it literally would mean we would actual throw stones at adulterers.

But he fails to mention him doing anything that is actually religious. He never says that he attended Church every Sunday. He just seems to make fun of the Bible.

I really don’t understand why he even bothered trying to following every rule in the Bible. We should all be living the way Jesus did. But we cannot follow every rule.

Jacobs talks about “cafeteria Christianity” where you pick and choose the rules you want to follow. But maybe that is what he needed. Jacobs should have chosen a few rules to follow for one year, then over time add on more laws. Soon he would be living life more biblically.

I would think Jacobs would be doing this project to teach people about religion. But he isn’t. He is an agnostic. I can’t imagine him reading the whole bible and not becoming a Christian. I would have enjoyed the video more if he was more focused on religion rather than making fun of the Bible.


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