Christian Long

Adam Savage: Obsessions

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Reflection by KEITH C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Adam Savage:  Obsessions

When first received this video I did not realize that this talk was hosted by the Discovery Channel star and co-host of one of my favorite TV show, “Mythbusters.” Although I highly respected Adam previous to watching this video, I came to respect him even more.

In the beginning of the video Adam explains how he became intrigued when the New Yorker published an article about some Dodo bird bones that had been found on the island of Mauritius off the coast of Madagascar. This was so interesting because it meant that they might be able to assemble a single Dodo skeleton. This would the first Dodo skeleton that would be made from a single Dodo. No one, not even the museum in Mauritius has a skeleton of a Dodo made from a single Dodo.

As Adam began to investigate in the discovered skeletons of the Dodo bird he became obsessed with the beauty of the bird. This made him imagine how great it would be if he had his own skeleton of the Dodo bird. Adam then discuses his discussions to recreate things that have a great importance to him. Then one day when he was going to have an arts and crafts day with his children he cam e across some “super sculpey.” Adam then thought that maybe he could recreate the Dodo skull with the sculpey just as he had with all of his other obsessions.

This is wear the video really get interesting to me. Adam explains how he is a master hard edge model maker, not a sculptor. He talked about how he did not do, “soft”, things, however he felt like had done enough investigation and seen enough skull that he would be able to recreate one. After researching multiple pictures of skull and figuring out all the average dimensions and proportions, he created his very own skull. After finishing the skull Adam realized that his wire that he was using for support was in the perfect position to attach a vertebrae. After replicating every last bone in the Dodo bird, which took him about six weeks, he finished, painted, and mounted his own Dodo skeleton.

To me, this show how anyone that puts their mind to a reasonable task, can achieve it. Although Adamn was an expert at replicating certain items, he was no expert on sculpting or Dodo skeletons, he put all the work and effort into building this skeleton. After seeing the Adamn’s version of the Dodo skeleton, I am amazed at how good it looks. There is no way that I would be able to tell that Adamn Savage is not a sculptor. He is defiantly an inspiration to anyone that is thinking about trying something new.


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