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Aubrey de Gray: We Can Avoid Aging

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Reflection by ALEX E.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Aubrey de Gray:  We Can Avoid Aging

This video surprised me that there is an overall plan or idea to combat aging. I was always under the impression that to slow aging scientist would formulate better diets or better medicines, but not that there could be a therapy to slow down aging.

If the idea is out there, waiting to be actually discovered, why have people sat around and done nothing?

The reason why people may not be leaping onto the bandwagon is that skepticism and maybe a lack of understanding of the metabolism/damage/pathology sequence that is constantly affecting our bodies. Others might not support this research because of its cost and the possible aftermath. People think that curbing aging is, in some ways, immoral or wrong. That is because curbing aging would lead to overpopulation, destroy the planet, or only the rich would have access to these therapies while the poor continue to die.

These are weak arguments to oppose research in this area, which could lead to a series of rapid advances in science, similar to the airplane. To curb aging is not wrong, for if there is a way to curb aging and if a handful of people do not allow it to be known or given to the public, is that not morally wrong? The mice experiments are the first and simplest start to this process of curbing aging. The second phase is to adapt the research from the mice to mold humans to be affective.

Now, if those two phases are completed, them we can move on to improving these therapies. All that stands in the way of these three ‘simple’ phases is public support and funding. Now, what is the public opinion of curbing, reversing or stopping aging? In truth, none of us really want to die, but we do think beyond ourselves, such as the people of the really poor countries. Just because we worry about these people, why should it stop research in a certain area? Science should not be hindered by what seems to be inhumane (if it was truly horrible, I would not support it) technology by a handful of people and governments.

While we do want a way to curb aging, the research has been hinder by some who believe it to be a crime that would destroy the planet and the lives of others.


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