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Gordon Brown: Global Ethic vs. National Interest

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Reflection by TAYLOR C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Gordon Brown:  Global Ethic vs. National Interest

In this TED talk Mr. Brown, (whom is the Prime Minister of Britain) explains that if we stop focusing specifically on national interest and make large decision based more on the benefit of the entire world rather than just your specific county/nation, then global issues would begin to lessen significantly.

When many people hear the term ‘Global Citizenship’ they believe the speaker is refering to the idea the people are no longer classified based on the country of which they come from, but they are now put into a larger catigory that includes the entire globe. Mr. Brown did not use this term to describe such an idea, but instead to express that we need to supress the patriotism and come up with ideas that not only improve your country (which is used in national interest), but the rest of the world. An example of Global Interest being put to work is with the new agreement made between the United States, China, Japan, and India dealing with the scientific evidence that will be used to track the climate changes the world is going through and to come up with plans in order to deal with it.

One of the other issues Mr. Brown spoke about was that the global institutions consturucted many years ago such as the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and Marshall Plan are no longer valid. When they were formed/designed, they were based on the needs of the world at the time, but the world has in a sense expanded and its issues have changed, leaving this institutes no longer up to date. Mr. Brown believes that these important institutions need to be rethought and reformed inorder to positively affect the ‘new’ world.

Personally I agree, theres is a time for change, and I believe that is now.

A matter of fact there probably isnt a better time, the world has gone through so many ground breaking changes, whether its the new science and technology advancements, or the new creativity sweeping the globe and changing every aspect of our lives as we know it, things must change. As a majority of my past TED talks have said, we all need to come together as a world, as a human race, and take each step to improvement together.

The decisions of every single country in this world effect the rest one way or another, so why dont we just be easier on our selves and make them together?


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