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Natalie MacMaster: Fiddles in Reel Time

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 10:38 am

Reflection by PARYSE W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Natalie MacMaster:  Fiddles in Reel Time

When first opening this video and seeing it was just music not people speaking, I figured this video will be a hard one to write about it.

At the beginning the man starts to sing, he has a destinct sound in his voice. After some singing, Natalie comes in a with the fiddle.

Bringing these two people together really makes me wonder what she was wanting people to think.

I feel that they have two different things coming together and it really caught my attention. His singing brings out the sound of her fiddle very well, maybe this is why she chose him to be on TED with her. The words are mostly blue in this, talking about rivers, planets, and the ocean. It seems very sad, until she does a solo at the end. Natalie really brings out the lively part of the song when she just does the fiddle alone. Her ways of playing the fiddle are so wonderful!

I have never really enjoyed listening to something like this but wow!, this was great.

She has nine albums out, some including “yours truly” and “my roots are showing”.

Researching Natalie is a great idea if you like fiddles or even if you have never listened to one before. She has won two Juno Awards, these are like Canadian grammys. Also she has had many grammy nominations, now that I know this I will have to start watching for her on the grammys, or even the Canadian Grammys.

She has a website, here is the link If you want to learn more about her go to this website it has to wonderful things to share about her and you can even buy the cd’s if you enjoy her music!

I am very happy I was assigned this video even though at first I thought I will never be able to write about this.  Once I watched it a few times I was really interested in this. I really like that I had this challenge, because I would have never had thought I liked this kind of music.

If you have time, I would definatly challenge you to watch this.  At the beginning it starts out slow. Once you’re towards the middle, you will really enjoy it.  Never watching a fiddler before and now watching one:  its like a whole new thing for me. I really want to inspire people to try out this video and kind of music!

  1. We are glad that you found a new interest in music within the TEDtalks and we hope to do the same with our classroom project.

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