Christian Long

Nathaniel Khan: My Architect

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Reflection by JONATHON M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Nathaniel Khan:  My Architect

Nathaniel Khan talks about his dad and his buildings and the documentary about him and how he looked up to him in life, because his accomplishments were something he could only dream of.

He talks about the Tajma hall and and how it took 20 odd years and the capitol that his dad designed took a similar amount in time, although some people may think this is a negative thing, the people who hand built it actually take pride in how long it took to make the building. This is a very odd concept that strikes you as almost an emotional tie to that building as a people, this tie runs as deep as human emotion. A good comparison would be the empire state building in New York city it was built in the great depression and the workers that worked on it although they struggled to keep their job and complained about it they took pride in their work.

Something odd about the deep love that the people who design and build them have that is an emotional tie to a generation. Architecture is a love for buildings and how they work they spend countless hours designing every single nut and bolt crossbeam and stress point then to see them come to life is astounding.

Although this documentary is clearly a work of love for his father it’s not afraid to show his flaws in every single way but it shows the perfectionist attitude he had and it amazed him and gave him a goal in his life to be half the man his father was. Although his father died before he could see it he knew it would be life changing and bond making for a generation of people and stayed with it to the end.

The real story behind this is how architecture gives you a real purpose in life and gives you something to love and hold until you die, although not all people get this kind of emotion about beautiful buildings and well built structures not everyone understands what goes into making this buildings how they are and why we are able to live so comfortably. There also exists a love and hate relationship but its more of a love relationship but when something falls out of line or falls behind then the architecture is worthless and the architect is frustrated with himself and the workers and develops a stronger passion for that building although hating it momentarily he builds a very strong bond by being frustrated.

All in all, architects inspire people around them by being inspired about the buildings they build and give ties of deep emotion for the people to hold onto because buildings can be perfect and humans cant no matter how much you want to try you always have a house to rely on or a hotel to go to whether you’d like to admit it or not buildings are all around us and we love them no matter what happens they hold our things and give us hope they inspire us.


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